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The team at Manny Timor Tours

Manny Timor Tours was established in 2019 by an experienced local tour operator to cater to the growing demand for travel and tourism services across Timor Island. From Jaco Island to Rote Island, our specialty is to facilitate visitors’ access to seldom-explored villages and communities and provide guests with full cultural immersion and genuine travel experiences. Our extensive experience in accessing traditional areas allows us to tailor activities and itineraries to the age and desires of our clientele.

We work with the local community to ensure their traditions and culture are preserved as the tourism industry grows in Timor. Our tours provide financial support for local people and the opportunity to share their unique ways of life with respectful tourists.

Our tours are a safe, economical, and comfortable way of getting to know Timor Island. As locals, our drivers and guides have in-depth knowledge of the country, culture, and terrain. So if you want to see and experience Timor, let us make your visit a truly memorable experience!

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